Do you have questions about work, income, parenting, housing, welfare or care? The Startpunt is here to help you.

Your life, your questions

Do you have questions about work, income, parenting, housing, welfare or care? Then Startpunt is here to help you. In Wageningen we believe that everybody who lives in our town should be able cope in their everyday lives. Many different organisations help our town's residents in the area of work, income, housing, welfare and care. They have joined forces to find ways of supporting you better in these areas. Startpunt Wageningen was therefore launched on 1 January 2015. It is the information and meeting point for all of your questions in the area of help and support, daytime activities and participating in society. From questions about raising children to home adaptations for the elderly. Whatever your age, you are welcome here.

Help tailored to your needs

At Startpunt we have a lot of experience in solving problems in the areas of housing, care, finances, work and parenting. You can pose your questions at our 'coffee table'. Together with you we will look at your own possibilities and those in your neighbourhood. Perhaps there is a provision in your neighbourhood that you can make use of. Or a volunteer who can help you. You might even need professional care. However we always start with what you can do yourself and what you want. In other words, help tailored to your needs and matched to your personal situation. As a client you are free to choose who you accept the help and support from.

Coffee table

At Startpunt you can ask your questions at our comfortable coffee table. But if you would like more privacy then we can sit in a separate consultation room. If you would prefer we can speak to you anonymously or we can visit you at home if that suits you better. You can also phone or email us. In a nutshell: you determine how we talk with each other.

More cooperation

Since 1 January 2015, the municipality has been responsible for funding several new tasks in the area of youth care, supervision for adults, and working with an employment disability. As a result of this we expect that organisations will work more closely together. Then they will be able to provide you with an even better service still. Each family or individual will receive a single action plan and wherever possible a single professional to help them. This also applies if there are problems in several areas.

Informal carers

Are you an informal carer? And do you have questions or concerns about the person you are caring for or about yourself? Then Startpunt is also here for you! Feel free to come and see us.


At Startpunt we treat your privacy with the utmost respect. That is safeguarded in national legislation. We will only pass on information about you to others if we have received your prior consent.

Further information

Are you looking for further information or do you have questions? Feel free to come and see us. Or contact us by phone or email.

Visiting address: Rooseveltweg 408A Wageningen
Postal address: PO Box 1, 6700 AA Wageningen
Opening times: Monday to tuesday 09.00 to 17.00 hours
Friday 09.00 to 13.00 hours
Email: startpunt@wageningen.nl
Phone: 0317 410160