International students

For students there are various ways of getting advice and help in Wageningen. The Startpunt can also help you. Read more about the options

Student in Wageningen? 

Maybe you’re a student and you’ve just moved to Wageningen. Or maybe you’ve been studying here for a while. Whatever the case may be, you’re welcome at the Startpunt. We’re here for you if you have a personal question that you’d like to talk about with an objective party. Or if life isn’t going as smoothly as you’d hoped.

Studying….. the time of your life?

Of course you hope that all goes well during your studies. That you feel good about yourself. That you’ve chosen the right programme of studies. That you enjoy living with your housemates. That you have enough money to get by. That you can have fun. The time in which you perhaps grow away from home. In which you learn to fend for yourself, to make your own decisions. Is this also your ideal?

Are things not going smoothly?

Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy or predictable. Sad things can happen. We’re there for you when things aren’t going the way you planned.” You feel stressed by what you have to do for your studies. Or you feel lonely and have little contact with other students. Do you perhaps have financial worries? Or problems with your parents? So many things can make life seem less enjoyable than you’d hoped. So what do you do then? Do you just give up and wait until the problems disappear? Or do you look for support or even for help?

Looking for help?

Perhaps you talk with your fellow students, friends or family. It often helps to tell someone about what’s bothering you or to ask someone for advice. But sometimes you need more help that what friends or family can give. Or maybe there’s a reason why you can’t turn to friends or family. Then it’s good to know where you can go in Wageningen. Many young people find it difficult to ask for help. You want to be able to do things yourself. Perhaps you think asking for help is a sign of weakness? Or is it frightening to ask for help because you don’t know what you can expect? That’s understandable. But it’s not wise to keep questions or problems to yourself for a long time. Things don’t get better just by waiting. In fact, it can become increasingly difficult to find a solution.

Help in Wageningen

There are various ways of getting advice and help in Wageningen. The Startpunt can help you, but you can also speak with your general physician, a student psychologist or a social worker. The best option depends on your problem and your situation.

the Startpunt

The staff at the Startpunt know what problems young people can encounter. And they don’t think that questions are strange. They’re there to help you if you become ill, for example, and need help and care. Whether the problem is physical or emotional. Things are confusing, you have money problems or housing problems. Or you’re having trouble with your landlord or there are problems at home.

How do we work?

We listen objectively to your story and focus on your questions. We take you seriously and think with you about how your situation can be improved. We give advice that you can act on. Or we point the way to the right help. Always in line with your situation. We call this tailor-made work. So don’t wait too long if you have a problem. Come to the Startpunt or give us a call.


A meeting with a staff member of the Startpunt is free of charge.

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Contact information

Are you looking for further information or do you have questions? Feel free to come and see us. Or contact us by phone or email.

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