Who offers what sort of help during the corona crisis?

As a result of the coronavirus, we have been forced to change our daily routines. Because of the national measures that have come into effect, you might need help or support. Or there may be practical issues that you can no longer deal with as you once did. Or perhaps your children can no longer visit and you are often alone. Everyone experiences the consequences of the coronavirus in their own way. In Wageningen, you can contact various organisations for assistance.

What should you do if you have medical problems?

Would you like to know what to do about respiratory problems or related health problems? You can find more information on the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM): www.rivm.nl

Startpunt Wageningen

From Wednesday 15 July 2020 the counter of Startpunt will be open again. From that day on walking in with your questions without an appointment is possible again. At Startpunt we maintain the corona measures. We therefore ask you to keep a distance of 1.5 metres and to disinfect your hands upon entry. If you cannot keep a 1.5 meter distance at the counter, we ask you to wait in the hall. 

Walk-in Youth and Family (Inloop Jeugd en Gezin)

On Friday 17 July ‘Inloop Jeugd en Gezin’ can be reached by phone at the number (0317) 410 160. From Friday 24 July you can come to Startpunt without an appointment again. The ‘Inloop Jeugd en Gezin’ can be reached every Friday from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm. Parents/educators and young people can ask questions about parenting and growing up in Wageningen.

Loaning care aids Medipoint

It is also possible again to borrow and return care aids such as a wheelchair or crutches via Startpunt. This is possible during the regular opening hours of Startpunt.

Corona help Wageningen

Due to the corona crisis, we have less contact with one another. So it is logical that you might need help in certain situations, especially if you do not leave your house. There are welfare professionals and more than 400 volunteers* from Wageningen who can help you by:
- Doing your grocery shopping
- Listening to your problems
- Teaching you how to make a video call

Help needed?
• Go to: www.welsaam.nl
• Phone: 0317-41 30 88
• Mail: coronahulp@welsaam.nl
• Join: Facebook group Coronahulp Wageningen

*The volunteers strictly follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

Telephone contact if you are often alone?

Would you like to talk to someone or do you need a sympathetic ear or some advice? You can phone the Red Cross Helpline: 070 - 4455 888. This number is accessible from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm and on Saturday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Concerned about someone near you?

Especially in this period, it is very important to pay attention to one another, because so many routine structures have disappeared or are organised differently. Sometimes you hear or see things about people around you that make you wonder if everything is okay. For example, the neighbours argue and fight a lot. Are you worried about someone around you? You can share your concerns with Startpunt at telephone number 0317-410160. And if you suspect domestic violence, you can phone Veilig Thuis 24/7 at: 0800-2000. You can find more information at: www.veiligthuis.nl